Winter workouts: A few ideas

We know the cold weather can be a major off putter when it comes to working out, however, there are a few quick and easy exercises you can do in your warm home, and they don’t take long either.

Star jumps are a very good form of cardio, and they will get the heart rate up whilst helping you burn fat. You should aim to do them for 30-seconds without stopping, then have a short break and go again, making sure you’re putting in maximum effort each time.

Another option is to work your abs. You can do leg raises, crunches and flutter kicks to work your abs, and all you need is a carpet and a little bit of space.

Jogging on the spot is a classic, and this is a good option, but an alternative is to jog whilst keeping your knees high. Do this at a high intensity as it’s a very popular HIIT workout, and it will certainly help you burn some of that festive fat.