Types Of Dentists In The UK And The Services They Offer

Dentistry is a broad subject that contains different areas all tackled by different professionals under one roof. One assumption is that a dentist takes charge of all issues arising from the mouth, but this is not true. Relevant dental issues vary in nature hence the need for a specialized type of medical attention. The most common of these experts who run regular checkups also offer solutions like aligning teeth. They could be self-employed or practising in a firm. Below is detailed information about the different types of dentists.


The focus of an orthodontist is on abnormalities related to the teeth and jaws. Such concerns include overcrowding of teeth in one location and crookedness. Also, they treat irregular teething, impaction, and lack of asymmetry on the upper and lower teeth. The medical term is malocclusion. The approach of medication depends on the issue and severity of the problem. They aid a lot in aligning and repositioning of the teeth.

Cosmetics Dentists

Cosmetic dentistry aims an improving appearance of people who feel their teeth should appear otherwise. It is a new section of the field but has since gained recognition considering the positive inception. Such dentists work privately and offer aesthetic treatments. Some of the services they offer include veneers, luminaires, whitening, fillings, composite bonding, and gum contouring.

Maxillofacial Surgeons

Maxillofacial surgeons, also known as oral surgeons, are practitioners with knowledge in dentistry and medicine. The expertise they possess gives them an upper hand to tackle a wide range of dental tasks. In most cases, they work concurrently with other types of dentists. Some of the issues they address include cleft palate, fractured jaws, oral cancer, dental implanting, and impacted wisdom teeth. If necessary, they conduct plastic surgery for patients with oral injuries.

General Dentists

A general dentist is commonly known and visited by patients experiencing all sorts of oral problems. They work in a more or less similar manner to general physicians. The first service they offer is advice on how to ensure you maintain a healthy oral lifestyle. They will discuss preventive options to eliminate the chance of such problems as the recommended diet, regular maintenance, and checkups. Such information applies to the general public and is not specialized for any concern. Additionally, they conduct checkups on crowns, fillings, and also root canals. Under special requests, they can perform cosmetic surgery but only for the case of private practice.


Prosthodontists specialization is on facial and oral deformities. These could range from a missing tooth due to accidents or congenital disabilities. They have sufficient skill to tackle complex problems, thus restoring your official appearance, and to some extent, enhancing it. Some of their work includes fixing crowns, veneers, bridges, and tooth replacement. However, they can also handle much simpler problems and deliver to the best of their knowledge.

There are many practices in your local area. Just search for a dental surgery Leicester and you will find one. Dentists can either work as employees in the NHS, private practices, or both. Private dentistry is a bit costly, considering the intensity of treatment. Nevertheless, you can always check with NHS to ascertain what treatment you can get under their plan.