Knowing when it’s time for ‘the snip’

We regularly talk about health on this blog, but one topic we haven’t discussed in great detail is a vasectomy. So what exactly is a vasectomy (also known as ‘the snip’) and why is it so important? Well, a vasectomy is the procedure that ensures a man is permanently unable to get a woman pregnant. It involves cutting or blocking two tubes, called the vas deferens, so that sperm can no longer get into the semen, so it’s nearly impossible to get pregnant. Nearly is the important word here, because there have been cases where men have managed to become fathers even though they’ve had a vasectomy.

It’s also important to note that a vasectomy can also be reversed, and though this is a complex procedure, the success rates are very high. So how does a reversal work?

The doctor will make a small incision on the underside of the scrotum to expose the tube that carries sperm and release it from surrounding tissues. Next, the doctor will cut open the vas deferens and examine the fluid inside. When sperm is present in the fluid, the ends of the vas deferens can be connected to re-establish the passageway. Once reestablished, you can make babies again! How about the vasectomy reversal cost? This will vary considerably, but this is not something that can be done as part of the NHS, so going private immediately means you are spending thousands of pounds, but you then need to speak to a variety of different clinic to choose the best team for the job. It’s a huge decision to have a vasectomy, but an even bigger one to have the procedure reversed, so do take your time to make sure it’s what you want, before you part with thousands of pounds.

There’s a lot of information circulating online about vasectomy procedures, but it’s best to speak to a consultant about your individual requirements. In most cases, the consultant should not be forceful in any way or biased to having the procedure. They should listen to your goals and get an understanding of why you’d like to be a father again. Of course, if you’re merely contemplating having a vasectomy, you also have a big decision to make, because for the majority of men, once that decision is made there’s no going back. Yes there are reversals, but not every man is willing to pay to have that reversal, or put their family in depth for such a procedure. So the best advice we can give you, if you’ve found this article because you’re looking for a vasectomy, is to be patient and only go through with it when you’re 100% happy with the information that the doctor provides. You also need to speak with your partner and ensure it’s something you’d both like, and not something you’ll quickly change your mind about in a few months or years time. I know it’s difficult, but don’t go through with it until you know for sure because there are other contraceptive methods.