How Many Times In A Year Should I Be Visiting A Dentist?

Most people recommend going for a check-up with your dentist at least twice a year. However, it will actually depend on what you need and the current state of your teeth and mouth. In general, the suggested time-frame between visits to the dentist range between 3 months to 2 years.

Let’s say you need dentists Leicester, you may go once every 6 months, which tends to be the norm, however, there is no harm and having more regular visits, but to be honest, we would not suggest waiting 2 years. A lot can happen to our teeth and gums in a short amount of time and it’s always best to have your dentist checking in on a regular basis.

People that have teeth in tip-top condition may only need to visit a dentist over a year or more between check-ups, yet people that already have problems with their teeth or are regarded as at risk for a future problem may need to schedule more regular appointments.

In most cases, your dentist will give you a recommendation on when to book your next appointment, according to the overall health associated with your gums and teeth.

For the majority of patients, this involves visiting their dentist every 6 months, unless you are required to return for specific treatments.

How Often Should A Child Visit A Dentist?

Colgate recommends that children should be taken for their first check-up with a dentist when the child turns 1 or even when the milk teeth start to appear. From here the dentist will advise when the child should return for their next appointment. Taking children to the dentist at least twice a year helps to develop a healthy habit surrounding dental check-ups.

What Are The Costs Involved To See A Dentist?

Any procedure that a dentist thinks might be necessary is usually provided by the NHS, yet some treatments will be charged for.

The NHS dental treatments are typically for free when you are:

  • Under the age of 18
  • Under the age of 19 and still in full-time education
  • You are pregnant or you have had your baby in the 12 months before the treatment
  • You are in an NHS hospital and the dentist at the hospital is carrying out your procedure or treatment

If you do not fall under any of these categories, the NHS dental treatments are divided into 3 cost bands.

X-rays, examinations, polishes, and scaling are priced at £20.60. Emergency dental treatments are also included under this band.

Removing teeth, root canal treatments, and fillings fall under the 2nd price band, which costs £56.30.

Procedures regarded as more complex such as bridges, dentures, and crowns are categorized as a band 3 treatment. The price for such treatments is around £244.30.

Please not these are all guide prices by Huber Natural Health, based on our research.

If you require out-of-hours or emergency dental care, you should call the NHS 111, for information on the closest practice.