Health benefits of white tea

White tea is made from young tealeaves, meaning they’re picked before the buds have fully opened. The silver fuzz covering the buds will turn white when the tea has dried and this is why it is called ‘white tea’. The varieties depend on the exact proportion of buds to leaves but this kind is sometimes considered the healthiest drink available because of the following benefits:

  1. Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Effects

This tea can kill bacteria and viruses. The high level of antioxidant content in white tea can help boost the entire immune system, which will help the body fight diseases. It also reduces the risks of flu and colds.

  1. Anti-Fungal Effects

Research has proven that clear tea has anti-fungal properties, which can fight harmful yeasts and penicillin spores.

  1. Skin Protection

Skin aging may be caused by free radicals due to staying under the sun for too long, intake of toxins, chemicals, and poor diet. Stress is also a contributor to fast skin aging. It was found out that it protects the skin and helps restore some of the damage thus making your skin healthy and radiant. It may also provide a person with anti-aging benefits.

  1. Cancer Prevention

It can also reduce the risk of prostate, colon, and stomach cancers. This is because of the antioxidant contained in it called flavanoids, helps the body fight against cancer cells.

Other Health Benefits

Health experts claim that  white tea aids in lowering blood pressure as it improves the artery and promotes healthy blood vessels. It can also reduce cholesterol because of the antioxidants present, which are called catechins that improve blood flow. Studies also show that those who drink white tea have higher bone density than those who do not. So these are just some of the reasons why you may want to consider drinking white tea!