Hay Fever Hell

Nobody likes or wants hay fever, but unfortunately many people have to put up with it every year. It’s so annoying to wait for the warm weather to arrive, and when it does you’re sneezing and blowing your nose like you’ve got a common cold—not good!

There are some things you can do though to take the sting out of hay fever, and we’ll talk you through a couple of prevention techniques.

Don’t mow your lawn

It may seem like a simple answer and it is. If you mow your lawn when the pollen count is high, you may get breathing symptoms.

Use a Nasal Spray

You can form a barrier with a nasel spray to prevent pollen particles sticking to the lining of your nose, and it’s a technique many people use. There are even sprays specifically for hay fever today!

Wash your hair

Pollen can stick to your hair without you realising, so keep that hair clean!