Fruits are the key to good health

Fruits are not only tasty but they are packed with so many health benefits for our bodies. While everyone grabs a banana for the additional potassium, however two nectarines or two peaches and packed full of more essential minerals than one banana.

If you are looking for an immune booster, mango’s are your go-to fruit option. With high levels of beta-carotene, your immune system and bone growth will reap the benefits. While if you are looking to improve fertility or reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke, pineapples can be eaten in many different forms; fresh, frozen, dried or grilled.

Moving onto a fantastic ‘super-food’, the blueberry not only helps fight disease, it also improves brainpower. A great snack option for those studying or taking exams.

There are so many different fruits out there with such a variety of taste, from sweet to tangy, whichever you choose, you will definitely see the health benefits that they bring.