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Main benefits of protein powder

Protein powder can be a very important part of your workout routine, especially in terms of revitalizing and growing muscles. After you’ve completed an intense workout, having a scoop of protein powered with milk or water as a ‘post workout shake’ can help your muscles begin to recover and repair, helping them grow in size. […]

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Winter workouts: A few ideas

We know the cold weather can be a major off putter when it comes to working out, however, there are a few quick and easy exercises you can do in your warm home, and they don’t take long either. Star jumps are a very good form of cardio, and they will get the heart rate […]

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Cod liver oil tablets; A supplement worth trying

It is easy to neglect our bodies daily requirements, that’s why dietary supplements can be an easy, fast alternative for a someone with a busy lifestyle. Taking tablets that contain valuable nutrients will improve your personal health and well-being, but why is cod liver oil so important to our health? Cod liver oil is mostly […]

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