How healthy is tea?

Us Brits love a cuppa’ and it’s the most popular drink in the UK, but is it actually as healthy for us as we think? Well, it’s great in terms of hydration because its mostly water, but black tea does contain a considerable amount of caffeine and too much of this can actually contribute to […]

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Sushi: Is it as healthy as we make out?

Sushi has been labelled the ‘healthy lunch option’ by many magazines and newspaper columnists, but is this really true? Well, obviously it depends what kind of sushi you buy because the fats in different meats will vary, but on the whole yes it is a very healthy meal. Why is this? Well, it is usually […]

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The key to a healthy lunch

Many people find it hard to stay healthy during the day. For many office workers in particular, it’s easy to head on over to the local shop to pick up a calorific sandwich and a packet of crisps for less than 3 pounds. You won’t regret it at the time but you will hours, days […]

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Cake Days at Work

We’ve all been there. You get in the office nice and early on a Monday morning ready to start the week fresh. You’ve already bought your healthy breakfast and you’re looking forward to you gym session when you arrive home later that evening. But wait, it’s somebody’s birthday and they’ve brought in 10,000 cakes. You […]

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Bulking up whilst losing fat

Not every slim person has low body fat, some very skinny guys and girls carry a lot of fat beneath the surface, so one question that gets asked a lot is: Can I bulk up and lose fat at the same time? Unfortunately there is no simple answer and you’ll know that if you’ve spent […]

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