How technology has made me healthier

Some say that technology can be damaging to our health, because it tempts us to waste hours upon hours looking at crazy cat videos in bed when we should be out and about. That said, I think technology has had a positive impact on my health and overall fitness levels, especially over the last few […]

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Finding the balance between weights and cardio

Many guys like the idea of getting ‘big’ as well as ‘ripped’ and whilst some fitness instructors will tell you to focus on the weights, others will outline the importance of regular cardio. One worry for many people who aim to bulk up is that if they start running or swimming, they’ll lose some of […]

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Great Tips to Help you Recover after Dental Surgery Leicester

If you have a dental problem in Leicester, there are several treatment options available. Depending on the problem, your dentist will assess and evaluate to determine the best treatment that will offer you the best solution. One of the most common dental treatment option provided is dental surgery. Dental surgery Leicester can vary greatly including […]

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Is a gluten free diet healthy?

Many celebrities have embraced and essentially endorsed gluten free diets, but is it actually healthy? In simple terms, the answer is no, and allow us to tell you why. Many unhealthy foods include gluten (grains of wheat, barley or rye), but there are also many gluten-free foods that are very unhealthy. Take a milk chocolate […]

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How a run a day can keep the doctors away

It’s not easy to psyche yourself up for a run after a hard day’s work, but it is worth doing if you’re looking to stay in shape next year. As we head deeper into winter, the days feel short, and the nights feel long, but that doesn’t have to stop you goin for a quick […]

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