Is a gluten free diet healthy?

Many celebrities have embraced and essentially endorsed gluten free diets, but is it actually healthy? In simple terms, the answer is no, and allow us to tell you why. Many unhealthy foods include gluten (grains of wheat, barley or rye), but there are also many gluten-free foods that are very unhealthy. Take a milk chocolate […]

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How a run a day can keep the doctors away

It’s not easy to psyche yourself up for a run after a hard day’s work, but it is worth doing if you’re looking to stay in shape next year. As we head deeper into winter, the days feel short, and the nights feel long, but that doesn’t have to stop you goin for a quick […]

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The Lowdown on Oil Pulling

Oil pulling has been around for centuries, and it’s essentially a method used to improve your oral health. Oil pulling can reducing bacteria, plaque, and infection in the mouth, and it has also been known to help whiten teeth. Any natural oil can be used but most people opt for coconut oil. The process is […]

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Here’s to a healthy Christmas

Christmas is the season of indulgence; a time for sweet treats, cuts of turkey and plenty of alcohol. Well, that’s according to the television adverts and magazine posters. You can, however, have a healthier Christmas by saving the serious snacking for the big day. In the run up to Christmas, you may be offered plenty […]

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Home workouts this winter

It can be nice to work out at home, and it means you can jump straight in the shower without having to pack up your bag and travel back home in the freezing cold. It can, however, be difficult to stay motivated without peers around you, but a weekly schedule should help, just make sure […]

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